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Fabric Rosettes


I finally made fabric rosettes!  After I finally made a fabric banner using bias tape, I delved into make fabric rosettes.  I used this tutorial and used fabric glue, as I do not own a hot glue gun (can you believe it?!).

Now that I’ve finally done these two crafts that are so popular on the internet, I feel like a true crafting blogger.


Fabric Name Banner


If your name is Emma, stop reading this post and just wait by the mailbox!

Everyone else, you may continue reading.   My niece’s birthday is coming up (actually, tomorrow. And yes, her banner will be arriving late) and I wanted to make something light and flat I could send in a card envelope.  Enter the fabric banner, which is by no means new to the blogging world, but certainly is very cute.

Supplies Needed:


fusible interfacing


bias tape

triangle template

sewing machine w/thread



Step 1-

Iron fabric to interfacing. I did this so the triangles would be a little stiffer since my fabric was light and thin.  I suppose if you used a heavier fabric you could skip this.

Step 2-

Cut out triangles.  I used 2 different fabric patterns  and needed 4 triangles for the name Emma. I also cut out a triangle template from my Silhouette, but you could easy get a template from Word autoshapes.

Step 3-

Stick triangles into a flap on the bias tape.  Pin the triangle to hold it in place.

Step 4-

Using your sewing machine, do a stitch across the length of the bias tape. I used a zig-zag stitch.

Step 5-

You can stop here, OR keep going by adding letters to spell out a name, word or phrase.  Iron on more fabric to the interfacing- this will be for your letters.  Using letters as a template (I cut out letters on my Silhouette), trace them backwards on the interfacing.  Cut out with scissors and then iron onto your triangles.

Step 6-

Hang up and admire!  Love your project so much that you keep putting off mailing it until the day before you want it to arrive.  I’m sure the US postal service can get it from Chicago to Seattle in less than a day…


Happy Birthday Emma!

Baby Burb Cloth and Washcloth


In my quest to be as crafty as possible this summer, I’m tackling the sewing machine. I’ve had some mild successes before.  There was the time in middle school we learned how to sew locker caddies and a gym bag.  And then when I took Fashion Workshop in high school (I’d do anything to get out of gym class!) we made garters for prom and pajama pants for our boyfriends.  Then I impressed ThatGuy with my sewing skills and made a fleece blanket that can be folded into a pillow for our first Christmas together.  (I’m pretty sure that blanket now lives at ThatGuy’s brother’s apartment. Humpf!)  All of these projects were completed under the watchful eye of school teachers and…. MY MOM!

My mom is AWESOME and can do all these cool things on the sewing machine I can only dream of.  This summer I’ve been under her guidance and today I felt brave enough to sew on my own.  Surprisingly, I’m quite pleased with the results!

Ta da!

Here’s how to make a burb cloth.  This one goes out to all the babies who like to spit up.

1. Pick out a cute fabric and a backer (I recommend terry cloth).  You can also use fleece or minky.  Prewash to shrink and clean.  Cut out a rectangle 16 by 11 inches.

2. Pin the RIGHT sides TOGETHER.

3. Sew around the edges, leaving about 1/2 inch seam.  Also, leave about a 3 inch opening to ride-side out your burb cloth.

4. After you righte-side out your burb cloth, iron down the sides to get a nice crease.

5. Carefully top stitch around the fabric, especially over the opening.

6. Another quick iron and snip off the extra threads.

7. Admire your new burb cloth!  Tie them up with a ribbon to make them look even cuter! These are almost too cute for any babies to burb on.  Almost.

8. Repeat to make more burb cloths.  If you want to do wash clothes, cut 5×5 squares and do steps 2-7.

I’m so pleased with my creation I put it up on my Etsy store!!