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Fabric Name Banner


If your name is Emma, stop reading this post and just wait by the mailbox!

Everyone else, you may continue reading.   My niece’s birthday is coming up (actually, tomorrow. And yes, her banner will be arriving late) and I wanted to make something light and flat I could send in a card envelope.  Enter the fabric banner, which is by no means new to the blogging world, but certainly is very cute.

Supplies Needed:


fusible interfacing


bias tape

triangle template

sewing machine w/thread



Step 1-

Iron fabric to interfacing. I did this so the triangles would be a little stiffer since my fabric was light and thin.  I suppose if you used a heavier fabric you could skip this.

Step 2-

Cut out triangles.  I used 2 different fabric patterns  and needed 4 triangles for the name Emma. I also cut out a triangle template from my Silhouette, but you could easy get a template from Word autoshapes.

Step 3-

Stick triangles into a flap on the bias tape.  Pin the triangle to hold it in place.

Step 4-

Using your sewing machine, do a stitch across the length of the bias tape. I used a zig-zag stitch.

Step 5-

You can stop here, OR keep going by adding letters to spell out a name, word or phrase.  Iron on more fabric to the interfacing- this will be for your letters.  Using letters as a template (I cut out letters on my Silhouette), trace them backwards on the interfacing.  Cut out with scissors and then iron onto your triangles.

Step 6-

Hang up and admire!  Love your project so much that you keep putting off mailing it until the day before you want it to arrive.  I’m sure the US postal service can get it from Chicago to Seattle in less than a day…


Happy Birthday Emma!


Oh La 30!


My friend Jen is turning 30 (never mind the fact I did that 5 months ag0).  As is the trend these days, instead of quietly turning 30 and feeling old my friends are CELEBRATING.  In typical Jen style, she is going all out and has an evening in Paris planned at a chic wine bar.  She graciously has asked me to help her with invitations. This is more of a favor to me, because I have a thing for invitations.

Paper invitations are one of my favorite things in this great big, whole, entire world.  I loooove them.  They are luxurious.  They are creative.  They are beautiful.  They take up a whole drawer in my desk because I save them, after proudly displaying them on my refrigerator for well past the party’s date (I still have the most beautiful wedding invitation on my fridge from almost 2 year ago).

First thing, we scoured Etsy looking for inspiration and we found it at CreativeVision.  Jen really liked her Paris Tag, and Marianne was so accommodating and worked hard to get Jen what she wanted.  After a couple of trips to Paper-Source, we were ready to assembly the invites! I trimmed the lavender paper down and Jen punched all the corners to round them.  Then using foam, we mounted them on the brown envelope to add some height.

They needed something and luckily Marianne sent us some lavender ribbon!  We cut it into strips and glued it behind the Paris tag.

So cute!  Up next, the inside information….