We love to spray paint!


I recently bought this frame at Hobby Lobby for $2.00.

ThatGuy accused me of buying this monstrosity of a frame only because it was on sale, which is partly true.  But I also like the dramatic look of the frame!  Because we like to spray paint everything, this black frame soon became dark gray.

Now we are in a great debate about what picture to put inside.  I like this one from the 4th of July:

(Yes, I made him wear red to coordinate with my blue and white.  We are a very festive couple.)

ThatGuy would like this one from a recent wedding photobooth:

Awesome photo by Yes!Photo.

Dear Reader, which one should go in our frame??  The lovely, festive couple grateful for our country’s freedom or a raucous wedding party-goer giving the The Most Interesting Man in the World a noogie?


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