Front Porch Re-Do


Late in the spring my mother-in-law told me she she spied something in her neighbor’s trash that made her think of me.  She was so inspired this trash that she put it in her car and brought it home for me.  While that could be taken many ways, I’m going to take it as a compliment.  It seems someone had abandoned their DIY project- or had no use for it.  Well, one DIYers trash is another DIYer’s treasure!

The “trash” is a grill top with 3 metal cylinders attached to act as little feet.  When the top is turned upside-down, it’s a perfect plant holder!  Being the expert spray painter, ThatGuy applied a coat of shiny red paint.

Then we tried an experiment.  ThatGuy had brought home a variety of seeds from a recent job, so we planted 2 plants in the center and spread the seeds around.  The plan was for the seeds to sprout into beautiful, colorful flowers.  Here’s what it looks like 6 weeks later.

Clearly, this isn’t what we envisioned happening.  Perhaps we accidentally planted grass seeds?  Or maybe even weeds?

Feeling like we had given these seeds enough time, sun and water to grow, it was time to change them out.  ThatGuy and I picked out sunflowers and mums.  I know all you gardeners out there are probably shaking your heads at our poor choices that will never thrive in a grill top, but they are brightly colored.  And on sale.

Ta da!

I did save a couple of sprouts that looked cute on the side of the grill top.

And I moved some of the flowers from the orginal display to their own pot and put them in the shade.  Hopefully they will do better.

Our finished front porch:


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