Knuffle Whaaa?


In summer library we “knuffle-ized” our pictures.  What exactly is a knuffle, you ask?

It’s a bunny!  Mo Willems, my all-time favorite author for preschool through second grade, wrote a picture book based on his daughter’s favorite stuffed animal.  In this first book young Trixie is unable to verbalize that her favorite stuffed animal, Knuffle Bunny, is trapped in the washing machine in the laundry mat.  She is horribly upset and utters many words like “aggle flaggle klabble” which I’m sure means “Daddy, how can you be so obtuse and place my beloved stuffed bunny in the washing machine?”  When Mommy finally helps Daddy realizes his mistake, they have to run back to the laundry mat on the other side of New York City to rescue Trixie’s beloved bunny.

This story is universal- what child hasn’t lost a lovey? But what makes this book so unique is its artwork.  Mo Willems has taken beautiful shots of his New York street and other landmarks and then placed his artwork on top, creating a tactile pallet that intrigues young viewers.  I wish he would do one for Chicago!

So in order to “knuffle-ize” our pictures, children used pictures of their elementary school, a local park, or a downtown street as the background to their hand-drawn creations.  Even little brothers and sisters were able to complete this project and have fun doing it!  Here is a picture of my Knuffle Bunny visiting the Bean.

I think my Knuffle Bunny looks pretty good, despite what 5 year old Brendan K. told me!


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