Wedding Bookmark Album


While wedding planning, I came across the Wish Tree concept.  Basically, guests write a wish for the bride and groom and hang it on a tree.  Since our wedding was in December, we did a little spin on the wish tree and turned it into a Christmas tree!

Guests found a bookmark (to go along with the book theme) at their place with a poem asking them to write words of marital wisdom that have served them well.  We placed jars of colored pencils at each table so guest could decorate or draw around their writing.  Then the bookmarks were hung on the Christmas trees.  I was a little nervous that no one would do it, but everyone did!

Fast forward 6 months later… I finally got to making the memory book!  I printed out pictures of the guests and found their corresponding bookmark.  Reading everyone’s sweet messages brought back some fun memories of our wedding day.  This is a great way to remember who was there and celebrate our day.

First step- Organize photos and bookmarks.

Second Step- Make sure bunnies are locked safely away, no matter how cute they are!  They just want to mess up the piles and chew on things.

Third Step- Arrange bookmarks and pictures on cute wedding-themed paper.

Fourth Step- Slip pages into photo album.  Admire your work and make your new husband admire it too!

Professional pictures by Katherine Salvatori.  Other pictures by me.


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