4th of July Shirt


My niece is sleeping over tonight which means… making crafts!  My niece is way into crafts- she has 2 desks completely dedicated to her supplies at her house.  When I confessed the house was a little messy because I was too busy crafting today instead of cleaning, she said that happens to her every day.

Her mom sent her with a red t-shirt, which is crying out for some festive decorations.  Inspired by this Tatertots and Jello project, we did our own version (no sew, of course!).

We first measured out a flag design, doing a 4×6 inch template on a piece of paper.  Each strip is 1 inch wide and either 4 or 6 inches long.  The blue square is 2×2 inches.  We decided we liked the size of the flag pieces and cut the same sizes out in fusible interfacing.

We laid the interfacing pieces on the backside of the fabric and ironed them on.  Then she cut out the pieces.

We laid the pieces out right side up on the tee shirt, being careful to measure to make sure the flag is even.

We ironed each piece down and Lexi decided it needed “something.”  She cut out some fun fireworks and I ironed them down for her.

This shirt is ready for the 4th!  To make it last for next year, we might stop at Grammy’s house and have her sew  around the flag pieces to make sure they stand up to multiple washings.


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