4th of July No-Sew Bunting


Ta da!!

This is very exciting!  I did my very first fabric bunting, and I didn’t use the sewing machine!  Good thing, because it wouldn’t have turned out as cute.

Items needed:

3 different fabrics, about 1/2 yard each

1 yard fusible interfacing

1/2 yard interfacing


3 plates (mine were about 1 inch different between the sizes, the largest was around 10 inches in diameter)

Step 1: Trace the largest plate onto the interfacing 3 times.  Trace the medium and small plate on the fusible interfacing 3 times each.  You should have a total of 9 circles.

Step 2: Iron on the 3 large circles to your fabrics- you should do 1 large circle on each of your fabrics.  Repeat with the medium and small plates.  Each of your fabrics should have a small, medium and large interfacing circle ironed on.

Step 3: Cut out the circles.

Step 4: Line up one medium circle onto your large circle.  Make sure it is even (I used a ruler to measure).  Iron to fuse together.  Then place the small circle and iron to fuse together.  Repeat so now you have 3 large circles.  Make sure you mix and match your fabric patterns.

Step 5: Cut your circles in the middle to create 6 half circles.

Step 6: Fold the edge of the half circle over and cut to create a slit. Then weave your yarn into the holes and tie in a bow.

Step 7: Hang your bunting and admire your handiwork!  ThatGuy put some nails up for this bunting (and hopefully future ones!) after he cleaned off the window sill. 🙂

Happy 4th of July!!


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  1. Hi there! Your email address is not linked to your blog account so I can’t email you back directly from your comment on my blog. The freezer paper was used simply as a stick free surface that I could Mod Podge my doilies on. 🙂

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