Book Book Shelves


No, not a typo- a book shelf made from a book!

The other week at Hobby Lobby ThatGuy found the perfect table for our entryway!

It looks like a library card catalog!  That makes this librarian very happy. 🙂  The saver in me is also happy, as there are many empty drawers that are waiting for me to fill them.  I already have a drawer totally dedicated to Bed, Bath & Beyond coupons!  I decided that the decorations on and around the card catalog need to be reading-inspired, which why I was so excited to see this example on the Real Simple website.

ThatGuy did not follow RealSimple’s directions, but rather made his own version.  He simply got an L-bracket from HomeDepot, drilled it into the wall.  Then he got industrial strength Velcro and attached the back cover to the last page of the book.  The weight of the book, combined with the velcro, keeps the book attached to the wall.  And the best part- it cost $5.13!!

Okay, I know I said the totally cheap price of $5.13 was the best part, but really it was the message ThatGuy wrote for me on the shelves!

Coming soon, reading-inspired decorations for the book book shelves…


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  1. Nice!

    Have you ever seen the invisible book book shelves? You can buy them at various places, but they’re pretty easy to DY.

    I made one and had one up in my room a few years ago for a while:

    Glued a thin board on the inside of the back cover(s) and then slipped an l-bracket inbetween the cover and the board. Screwed the l-bracket into the wall and it held surprisingly well.

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