Copycat Shutters


Close your shutters or I will steal your design ideas!   One of my favorite blogs is Crap I’ve Made, written by Char.  In addition to being a crafting goddess, Char has such a great dry sense of humor that makes her blog not only inspiring to read, but humorous too.  She recently had a post all about her shutter obsession, which got me obsessed with her shutters.

Being a girl on a budget, I joined FreeCycle, an email listserve where people offer and request free household objects.  I joined and put out an email asking for old wooden shutters.  My request was quickly answered and I found myself driving to the next town to take shutters from someone’s front porch while they were at work. The whole experience was rather bizarre, but I got free shutters so I was okay with it.

My husband, who will be known as ThatGuy, graciously spray painted the shutters and moved them onto my shelves where I rearranged items until I got what I wanted.  And I think it looks pretty good!  What do you think?


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